3D Printing

Form 1+ printer

We have a Formlabs SLA resin printer that can print parts with very fine details. The Form 1+ 3D printer uses lasers and photo-sensitive resins to form parts in ultra-high resolution. You can order parts by following the button below: 



  • Technology: stereolithography
  • Resin: methacrylate photopolymer resin
  • Build volume: 125x125x165mm
  • Feature size: 300 microns
  • Layer thickness: 25-200 microns


  • Gray resin
  • Clear resin
  • Black resin
  • Flexible resin

Sample parts

Here are a few examples of prints that we made.

Timelab Fablab

Through a partnership with Timelab in Ghent, we can offer a range of prototyping tools: several 3D printers, a full 3-axis CNC milling machine, a laser cutter and electronics expertise. Timelab is a city open laboratory for new models of cooperation, prototyping and exchange. The shared workshop encourages personal development, entrepreneurship and unleashes knowledge transfer. Profit is in the common goal. Everyone has the freedom to choose its own route here.


3D Printers

There is a range of small FDM-based printers available, like Makerbot and UltiMaker machines.

CNC milling machine

For milling wood and sheet materials.

Laser cutter

For cutting and engraving.