Flusso Public Shower

Inspired by the flow of water

Using antropometric data and ergonomic studies, we were tasked with developing showers for hotel swimming pools. The organic design was inspired by flowing water. When several shower units are installed in a row, the horizontal lines flow into each other.


The product is made up of several slipcast ceramic pieces that are installed using traditional construction processes. The floor pieces have integrated gutters with dirt collection that can be connected to the waste water system. Several pieces are symmetrical, which reduces the number of moulds needed during production.

Considerable efforts have been made to ensure the user's safety while showering. The bottom pieces are made slip proof by moulding a pattern of icons into the tiles. Between every unit there are sturdy stainless handles that are easy to hold on to. There are no buttons to operate, an infrared eye is used to detect when a person enters the shower.

An overview of the steps during installation: