Eandis Smart Grid

The search for increased efficiency and balancing peak loads on electrical grids have sparked the development of smart grids all over the world. Together with the Studio Dott. team, we developed the hardware for a roll-out of the smart grid in Flanders, on all levels, from people's homes to transmission cabinets.


Power-line communication technology was chosen because it transmits data through the power grid. Filtering the signal is an essential part of this technology and limiting waste heat from the filter coils was a primary concern. Because of the necessity of an efficient roll-out of new hardware, we designed a system built on top of the existing standards. To make repairs easy, the cabinets have sliding sub-assemblies that can be removed without disconnecting the entire system. Eandis is currently doing the first pilot installations.

The Studio Dott. team did research on the installation process to make cabinets easily serviceable. Because every home in the country needs to be upgraded at one point in the future, the upgrade process needed to be very efficient. The smart meter is mounted as a separate assembly that can be quickly replaced in case of failure.

Because the data transfer goes through Power Line Communication, big filters need to be used to maintain good signal quality throughout the network. These filters are big coils that produce considerable heat in the confined space of the cabinet. Therefore the team did extensive calculations to simulate the hot air flow throughout the design process.

The entire design went from concept to production