Children's Book Awards


The Book Lion is the prize for the best children's book of a Flemish author. The most beautifully illustrated children's book is awarded with the Book Peacock. Each year, the Flemish book publisher's organisation, awards these prizes together with Book Cubs and - Feathers for the honorary mentions. Because this year the prize money was increased to 10.000 euro, Studio Vonk was asked to design a set of fitting trophies.

BOE-1 schetsen.jpg

After a round of sketching forms and ideas we decided on a shape of a spinning top that could be rotated when lying on a flat surface. The idea was that the award could also be used as a paper weight, expanding the use of a trophy beyond just lying in a cabinet. Because this was an award for children's books, we thought the playfulness of a spinning top was a fitting element. We wanted them to be valuable objects, so we decided a gilded finish would be appropriate. The original logos, drawn by Kristien Aertssen, were used.


The design specifications for this project were simple: to create beautiful and valuable objects that are fitting as book awards. First, a shape to put the logos on had to be found. When we decided to use the spinning top, the technical design and production details were developed. We chose brass for its weight, durability and finishing options. Because of their shape, the awards can be rotated on a flat surface. 

The shape is first turned from a solid block of brass on a lathe, then the inside cavity is milled and the logo and text is engraved on the top. After soldering the two parts together, the trophies were chemically gilded and polished to a mirror finish.

The main prizes were awarded to Bart Moeyaert for writing and Tom Schamp for drawing. The winners each received an award and a check worth €10.000. Additionally, two writers and illustrators received an honorable mention. The award ceremony was held at the Kursaal in Ostend on April 6th 2013, below you can see the winners.

 The winners and their trophies during the award ceremony.

The winners and their trophies during the award ceremony.

Voor de Boekenleeuw en de Boekenpauw—de belangrijkste prijzen voor kinder- en jeugdliteratuur in Vlaanderen—ontwierp Bo Smet een stijlvolle, eenvoudige trofee. Op basis van een bestaand logo. Een tijdloos kleinood dat de winnaars van deze prijzen met plezier in ontvangst nemen.

De samenwerking met verliep rimpelloos. Als opdrachtgever kreeg enkele schetsen met voorstellen. Deze werden in 3D-ontwerpen omgezet. Aan alle eisen en opmerkingen werd voldaan, zonder dat de ontwerper afbreuk deed aan zijn eigen stijl. Correcte levering binnen de vooropgestelde tijdslimiet.
— Greet Spaepen -